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Author Topic: ZaggFolio/Zagg Solo Keys Bluetooth Keyboard For New iPad or iPad 2  (Read 1046 times)
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« on: 25 July 2012, 20:12 »

Zagg makes the best products on the market for smartphones and more including Apple iOS products. A couple of my favorites are the ZaggFolio and Solo Keys keyboard. These two work together to bring   great protection and a bluetooth keyboard for typing those longer documents.

The ZaggFolio can be purchased with or without a bluetooth keyboard in several different colors.  They have just recently added many great colors to the selection of the ZaggFolio case.  You can purchase a different color should you want to after the initial purchase.

The Zagg Keys Solo bluetooth keyboard comes with only the keyboard.  The ZaggFolio includes the keyboard and case for better protection.  The keyboards are the same on both products.  So should you only wish to purchase the keyboard for $69.99, its an available option. On the other hand, most users will probably spring for the combo of the ZaggFolio with the case and bluetooth keyboard together.

The Zagg keyboard offers great versatility for the users navigation and typing.  It makes typing much faster and more comfortable to say the least.  I really enjoy using the physical keyboard of the Zagg much more than the virtual touch screen keyboard on the iPad.  The keys feel much like a full size keyboard and travel for the keys or distance pushed for each key feels very nice with just the right amount of spring back in each key. The Zagg Bluetooth keyboard offers a top row of function keys for locking, volume controls, search, cut, copy, paste, mute, and more.  It offers a total of fifteen function keys including the home button. The function keys make typing and navigating the iPad and document much faster.

The ZaggFolio can be purchased for $99 at www.zagg.com. The Zagg Solo Keys can be purchased for $69 there as well.  Both make typing much easier to say the least. It just depends on if you need the protection of the ZaggFolio or only wish to have the bluetooth Solo Keys keyboard. Both are great choices and will be sure to please. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions. Watch the hands on video review below of the ZaggFolio and Solo Keys keyboard.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuMLg9oeEDI" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuMLg9oeEDI</a>

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