sga duos s6802(rooting-unrooting)

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Any one who has this handset , trying for rooting , I have got the files but as this my first try, hope someone for try join me .

Edited: rooted successfully

apex666 will help you contact him on his topic

here are instructions for rooting sga duos s6802

1. Completely Backup Galaxy Ace Duos (GT-S6802). The files and data will remain intact while rooting, but we still advise you to make a backup before proceeding.

2. If possible charge the phone completely, a charge of more than 60% is recommended.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos (GT-S6802) (Instructions)

1. Download the file from here

2. Connect the phone to the PC and move the file downloaded above to the root of SD Card.

3. Switch off the phone.

4. Reboot it in the Recovery Mode by pressing Volume Up, Home and Power Keys simultaneously.

5. Under the Recovery Mode select install update from sdcard. (You can navigate using the Volume keys and for selecting use the Home Key)

6. Select file from the SD Card (Read Step 2) and then select Yes.

7. Wait for a while and you are done. Reboot the phone and Voila, you have gained root access.

. Download the ClockworkMod Recovery Image from

Download the Odin Tool from

Rooting a device might void its warranty, in case, you want to unroot Galaxy Ace Duos (GT-S6802), Download the file from and repeat the steps above, replacing with

Installing ClockworkMod Recovery on your device

. Extract files from the Odin Tool archive and place them on your Desktop.

2. Double-click on Odin3 v1.85.exe file to launch the Odin Tool.

3. Turn OFF your smartphone using the Power key.

4. Put your phone into the download mode. To do that, press and hold Volume DOWN+Home+Power buttons together.

5. Connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable.

6. From the Odin Tool, click on PDA tab and select the CWM Recovery Image file for flashing.

7. Hit the Start button to commence the process.

After the recovery is successfully installed on your phone, it will reboot. Now, move on to the following procedure to root your phone.

here's a video


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