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Author Topic: Review: iHome iW1 Airplay Speaker  (Read 921 times)
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« on: 18 April 2012, 10:08 »

The iHome iW1 can wirelessly stream music through airplay. The iW1 has a very nice sleek profile mostly black with chrome trim with speakers covered with black fabric. Its dimensions are approximately 12inx7.5in x 3.5in and comes with a remote for controlling your music. It does require a Wi-Fi connection in order to use airplay for streaming music with iOS devices. The iW1 iHome also offers a connection through a 3.5 mm jack for other devices connecting without airplay capabilities.

The iW1 system is a solid speaker unit, but for $300, there should be much better sound quality available. The sound quality for the iW1 is quite poor at high volume levels. The speakers sound distorted very bad at high volume levels with music consisting of higher bass levels. However, at low to mid volume range the sound quality sounds as good as anything available. Airplay is quite new to the audio market so I suspect we will see a great increase in the quality of music sound at any volume levels. One would think for such an expensive speaker system, it would offer better sound quality.
The iW1 ihome can be purchased at www.ihomeaudio.com for $299. The unit overall is very well built but needs to improve sound quality at high volume levels. However, compared to other wireless speakers on the market it offers mediocre sound quality, which can be, used anywhere theres a Wi-Fi connection. Feel free to leave any thoughts below

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