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Author Topic: stereo headphones are louder on ipod than on nokia n8  (Read 2741 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 24 December 2011, 15:00 »

have a poke around n8fc and look for the n8 mod for belle , previously on anna i used the n8 mod released by a (skulchan) or som1 (soz was a while ago) but recently on these forums i saw some1 talkin about a new release for belle which does all the bits the old mod did for anna "including cache fixes , startup/shutdown animations volume/record quality and volume fixes , even camera tweaks" !

many times i was impressed by the differences of this mod but have not tried the l8test on my RM-596_111.030.0609 belle install because i think it was all pretweaked anyway !

anyways , i remember ur frustration and feel 4 ya , n8 is much better for volume than "iphailz" if setup right

all ya gotta do is look for n8 mod (by the skul dude) for the anna version or if u run belle , n8 mod for belle would be ur winner.

let us know how she blows eh  Cool

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« Reply #16 on: 24 December 2011, 15:39 »

finally, a helpful answer, thanks man, gonna look for the mod, and she's gonna be so loud that your gonna hear it from where u are now, thanks again
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