Nokia E5 - RM632 - Version 71.003-Extreme 1.0 by RohanAJoshi

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RohanAJoshi Proudly Presents :

E5 Extreme 1.0 (Permenant hacked and Modded CFW for Nokia E5-00)[/color][/b]

Based on Original Firmware v71.003

~||~ Apps Directly Integrated: ~||~

1. Y Browser 1.01
2. CoreCodec Core Player 1.3.6
3. DEdit 0.76 R12
4. Font Router Man (Install Font Router LT first from “Z:\Data\Others using” Y Browser)
5. Mobi Reader 5.3 Build 581 (With Search function)
6. MSDict 5.10
7. Handy Calculator 1.02
8. Flash SMS 1.05
9. Sym Torrent 1.41
10. WinRAR Plugin
11. Resco Viewer 6.0 (Register with 00000)
12. BT Receiver
13. Quick Reboot
14. Rom Patch 3.1 with Auto Start

~||~ Important Apps Available in Z:\Data\Others for manual installation: ~||~

14. Active File 1.44.5
15. Font Router LT
16. Golden Python 1.0
17. JoikuSpot Premium v1.52
18. Network Switcher 1.02
19. Smart Settings 3.03 (Register with 12345)
20. Y Tasks 1.4.3

~||~ Game Added: ~||~

21. EA Games Spore

~||~ Themes Added : ~||~

22. Express Blue by Sabby.
23. Ice Rink (buggy, cant start installation from X-Plore when this theme is active)
24. Insanity (For dark view)
25. Natty Ubuntu
26. Orange Pro (For Fresh View)

~||~ Mods Added: ~||~

27. Best quality 17 Theme Effects added in ROM. Select appropriate patch in Rom Patcher. (When you change Effect from Rom Patcher then just Turn off and on theme effects from themes)
28. Theme Effect Changed To "ON".
29. Annoying "Welcome" and "My Nokia" apps are removed. ( You will only see icons, but app is removed )
30. No SMS sending after flash or hard reset.
31. Added Hindi Language in Default Dictionary.
32. Permanent installserver.exe in Z:/Sys/bin, So restrictions on installation.
33. Annoying Camera sound disabled.
34. "Always Allowed" for java apps in app. manager.
35. Music Player only scans E:\Music\Mp3 directory.
36. Audio Recording quality changed to "High".
37. The number of "Save sent messages" Changed to 999.
38. Character Encoding Support changed to Full.
39. Delivery Reports changed to "ON"
40. Changed Show call duration to "ON"
41. Changed Summary after call to "ON"
42. Font Size changed to "Small".
43. Real Player volume changed to "100"
44. Music Player volume changed to "100"
45. Podcast removed from Music Player.
46. Browser Cache moved to Memory card ie E drive.
46. Camera will free RAM after Closing it.
47. Default theme changed to "Ice Rink" (Plz change this theme after flash cause I found it buggy, can’t start any instalation from X-Plore)

How to Flash (I am using win 7 x64, so this steps for win 7, and maybe work for win xp) :

1. Download and install latest Phoenix 2011 Cr@ck3d(Click here).
2. Download Link Removed
3. Extract Products folder to "C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages"
4. Now Check your flash files path again. It must be like "C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\Products\RM-632" and in RM-632 folder, you will see multiple files.

5. Open Phoenix, Check that connections are set to "No Connections"

6. Then choose File => Open Product

7. Choose RM-632.

8. Select Flashing => Firmware Update

9. Now Select 3 dots ... next to Product code in window.

10. You will see only one product code as 059B059 which stands for E5 white india, but it dosent matter, U can flash any of ur E5. only laguage will be added. My CFW contains English default and Hindi.
      * Make sure that you did not marked on "DETECT PRODUCT AUTOMATICALY"

11. Select that product code and click OK.

12. Now Mark on the Dead phone USB Flashing.

13. Now Move to your Phone And do following steps.
   I. Take all necesary backup.
   II. Format your Memory card. (or delete system folders as Private,Sys,Resorces,System) This step for avoiding "Installing apps" at every startup after flash.
   III. Switch Off your phone.
   IV. Remove Battery and Insert in again, BUT DO NOT TURN ON.
   V. Connet USB cable to your phone, Remeber, Just to your phone, NOT TO YOUR PC OR LAPTOP.
   VI. Make sure that your phone is in off state.

14. Turn back on Phoenix.
15. Check that you marked on Dead phone USB flashing.
16. Now Let The Flashing Begins, Click on ReFurbish Button.
17. Click on OK for promt ie. remove batery etc...

18. Connect USB to your PCs USB Port.
19. Say Hushhhh.... and let Phoenix do other things.

** If phone did not started in flashing mode and start for charging then remove battery and insert again. or do above steps again.
** Do it at your own risk.
** If you want to revert back on original firmware then use navifirm and same steps as above.
**Thanx To : ALL Modders, Cooking app developers, Cr@ck3rs, Theme Makers. Without you, this wont be possible.

imp links :

Download latest phoenix 2011
Link Removed/b]

Password for archive : RohanAJoshi

thnx for ths cfw...

have you been able to rectify flash lite youtube video doesnt work on default browser...

Awsome Work!!!!!!!!......
Using since 3 days works gr8 :D

bro screen shots please

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