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    Default WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8

    Windows *8 mobile users are sure to miss the highly successful instant messaging client WhatsApp in their new Windows 8 phone. But wait for a few days the product development for Windows Phone 8 is underway and will be released anytime soon.</p>

    The app is undergoing some heavy doses of alterations and will be launched for Windows Phone 8 some time in the very near future.</p>

    While there has been no official announcement from the developers of WhatsApp, the news is that the new app will be six times faster than previous versions *and *there will also be new emoji included in the upcoming version. The background audio API would remain the same however the real challenge is to devise a may to keep the system running in background, which is must for WhatsApp *considering that the *Microsoft *has severe restrictions on *third party apps. *Given the growing *popularity of WhatsApp, Microsoft sure doesn't want to be left behind in the race in mobile handsets market.</p>

    Earlier, downloads were available on WP store, but despite being able to activate and register *the app, users found it difficult to use WhatsApp. *So much so that the app has since been taken out *from the store. However with new Windows 8 phone launches likely to be taking place in the months ahead, Microsoft must *surely *know the importance of apps for Windows 8 and the lack of popular apps on the store.</p>

    Hope the update comes soon. Will keep you guys posted of any further developments.</p>via

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    Default Re: WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8

    SO buggi on the Lumia920, can't wait for the new WP8 version


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