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    Default HTC Will Not Be Updating the HD7 to Windows Phone 7.8

    In an odd turn of events it seems that HTC has given up on updating one of the most modded Windows Phones ever made the HTC HD7. * It recently came to light in a serious of tweets the other day. Where HTC had this to say "...HTC does not have plans to deliver a Windows Phone 7.8 update.."</p>


    While this is surprising to most original Windows Phone 7 users a quick look at the specs tell you simply how old and under powered this phone really is.</p><ul>[*]4.3-inch touch screen[*]HD video recording[*]5-megapixel camera with flash, auto-focus, and digital zoom[*]1GHz Snapdragon processor[*]512Mb of RAM[/list]

    Mind you when this phone came out in 2010 the 4.3 inch touch screen was considered "huge". *Even though times have changed some people still love there HD7 and haven't moved on yet. *Do you think HTC is doing those people wrong with this move or should they have moved on by now?</p>VIA

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    Default Re: HTC Will Not Be Updating the HD7 to Windows Phone 7.8

    HTC with their latest decisions are digging a grave for themselves. Knocking out support for their devices after the while. Also attempts to eliminate modified Android ROMs for their devices.
    And what's next?


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