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    Default Voice Control Demo on Windows Phone

    While everyone seems to think that Apple has the market cornered on voice recognition, Windows Phone has a few tricks up it's sleeve in this department too.
    One of my favorite things to do is hold down the menu button, this will open up a voice command that can control the whole phone. By simply saying "open Hotmail" Hotmail will open up. * This works with any program on the phone, even the apps that you download from the Market Place.
    You can also state call or text someone, than speak your text aloud and it will compose it for you. * Below is a demo of the text feature in action, not only on outgoing text but for incoming as well.
    I have used this feature many times myself and it's pretty handy when you need to send a quick text reply but you need to really concentrate on another task at hand.

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    Default Re: Voice Control Demo on Windows Phone

    Oh buddy! Its awesome. I didnt knew about the text feature. Its amazing. I dont know why nokia doesn't advertise about important features of phone like these
    It releases videos of very basic tasks a kid can do but not the features like these. We have seen when apple has released its siri it was a siren. This speech in wp is best as well as iphones siri. I think nokia should change it advertising strategy.
    and +1 for the share mate.


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