HTC and Microsoft are hinting at the upgradation of HTC HD2 with Windows 7. HTC HD2 Contract phones was running Windows 6.5 which will soon become obsolete The reason for the upgrade can also be the phone configuration because the Windows 7 mobile phone handsets come with just three keys- Start, Back and Search.

The Microsoft marketing man Greg Sullivan said, “Our fragmentation issue is primarily around screen resolutions and assuming a minimum CPU and storage. So it has been a little bit challenging because that choice, that flexibility, that freedom that people have to build any kind of device and use any kind of device : touch, non touch, keyboard, soft key, has required a little bit extra effort in some cases for developers to target applications that run across a wide array of devices”.

According to him they have worked very closely with HTC HD2 Contract to have hardware and software integration and that is a reason for the capacitive and multi touch support provided in the Windows phone. He also said, “We are going to continue the horizontal market, but work very closely with our hardware partner to provide more guidance on the platform so we do not have nine different display sizes that independent software vendors have to target...may be just two..

We are going to continue investing in the user experience, and the legacy pocket PC 1999 UI that still kind of shows up if you drill down pretty deep? That's another thing that's changed.”