Have to have the absolute latest in mobile tech? Six months too long to wait to upgrade? *Verizon has the answer for you. *Now Verizon's Edge program lets customers upgrade once every thirty days! This is a big change for those of us who love our smartphones but only for a month or so till something shinier and newer catches our eye. Naturally changing smartphones out once a month is not going to be a cheap thing to do, so there has to be a catch right? *Well there is, and here it comes...</p>

<blockquote>After 30 days, with at least 50% of your phone's price paid off, you're eligible to upgrade.</blockquote></p>

While the 50 percent paid off rule is not a horrible requirement, it will stop most people from simply test driving new devices on Verizon's dime. * Also to be noted is that you will have to turn in your old device to Verizon to be eligible to get a new one. * If you would like more details on this updated EDGE plan Verizon just rolled out you can get those details here. VIA</p>