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T-Mobile in the USA has today announced it's plans for a new LTE network that is actually made possible by the failure of joining forces with AT&T.

Last week, T-Mobile secured the AWS spectrum licenses from AT&T which were agreed to as part of the breakup of the proposed merger between the two companies. *This new spectrum, in addition to the refarming effort, enables the launch of LTE in AWS spectrum and up to 20 MHz of LTE in 75% of the top 25 markets.
<blockquote>"Were making great progress on our four billion dollar 4G network transformation," said Neville Ray, chief technology officer, T-Mobile USA. "With these partners on board and the AT&T AWS spectrum secured, were on track to enhance our 4G experience this year and deliver nationwide LTE in 2013."
T-Mobile also announced that its nationwide HSPA network has expanded to deliver a competitive 4G experience to well over 220 million people in 229 markets. In addition to an expanding 4G footprint, the 4G experience T-Mobile provides is pervasive among its customer base.
"In contrast to our competitors, nearly half of T-Mobiles postpaid smartphone customers are using a 4G device," said Ray. "Not only are we delivering a fast 4G experience to a higher percentage of our customers, were also making it more affordable to step up to 4G. Whether youre purchasing one of our latest 4G superphones - or bringing your own device, you can get better value with T-Mobile."</blockquote>via