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    Default HS Omnia blinking

    I've read here and on other forums, blinking screen after flashing.
    Mostly it's a language problem, so they have their problem solved.
    The Omnia HS contains language R01 which is my default
    So it can't be language problem.
    What other causes do you think it is and how to solve it?


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    Default Re: HS Omnia blinking

    mmm, its not only default; if you have ANY other language installed in your phone you will have the blinking issue, but thats not the only cause, if one file is missing or misplaced you will get that problem, have you read entirely this thread before...?,25882.0.html

    Please follow the procedure explained in great detail in there step by step, and if you still have any issue dont hasitate in ask.

    P.D. You shouldnt open a new whole thread cause this could be posted somewhere else and get help in there.


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