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    Default [Orange Tsunami 4.0 HS Problem]Update Error

    I have installed original Tsunami HS (the one of wishkyy topic) and all works well, if I change the .MIF the HS is transparent.. BUT now I can't go anymore on installed app (under settings menu) and I can't remove it for install the new modded one HS, and if I try to install some modded Tsunami HS I get "Update error"

    what should I do? many thanks in advance

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    Default Re: [Orange Tsunami 4.0 HS Problem]Update Error

    First question : Is your phone hacked? And which model?

    If not:

    Replace the original .mif file if possible. Then maybe it should appear in installed apps.

    If it shows again in apps

    -First select a different HS(Phones original HS recommended) then uninstall Orange Tsunami HS
    -Then uninstall all other HS's. Vodafone and Orange(If you don't do this the old .mif file will still remain in phone and if you install another Tsunami HS won't work, old HS will shown)
    -Last first install Vodafone+Orange HS then install whatever Tsunami HS you want to use.

    I know all this because my phone is not hacked and today I want to use another moded Tsunami HS. I uninstall the old one and install the Symbian^3 version. But my phone still used the old one. Then I realize I need the uninstall the voda+orange. Because my phone don't let me to delete .mif file in tsunami folder. I did everything I wrote here and It works for me.

    But I warned you maybe there is a easier way to do this.

    Sorry for my English :P I'm still working on it...


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