Sorry for my english, is so bad, excuseme.

How I said in post http://forum.dailymobile.net/index.p...html#msg237766 i found that Orange voda v50 rom have [5800]_SmartVodafoneIdle_NOKIA_armv5_urel_v1.9.2198_SA_s tub.SIS
and in the firmware v20.0.005 for X6 Vodafone Spain ES Black Free Navi V2 GV Color (Product code: 05999T0) and white (Product code 059550 there is [X6]_SmartVodafoneIdle_NOKIA_armv5_urel_v1.9.2317_SA_s tub.SIS

In Orange voda v50 rom there is Tornado Orange Homescreen 3.1 By Orange Labs v1.0.2707 and in firmware v12.0.091 for nokia x6 of orange spain there is Tsunami Orange Homescreen 3.2 By Orange Labs v1.50.0930

I like that somewhere can say me how integrate that versions in my custom firmware for my nokia x6.

Thank you very much