Hello people i've noticed that you are doing great improvements and serious modding to s60v5 platform
and i want to ask you some little help for this task

As you know the owners of Samsung i8910 share the same OS but our company left us and dont support us anymore
They brought us KS through lists etc but it isnt perfect like yours, its laggy and buggy.
Especially the music's gallery scroll is by far the worst

Although we tried to port some files from your device (5800) we succefully manage to fix the scrolling and make all things work well
inside tha music player BUT the only drawback is that when we use the volume keys it crashes and exits music player

I want your advice on how to fix that, plzz help us....
To do this we replaced the mpx.exe file with yours and the problem fixed except the volume keys

So anyone who can advice us on how to solve this problem its welcome

Here are the links

http://www.mediafire.com/file/tzmmmmidili/I8910 mpx.zip

http://www.mediafire.com/file/tjnmwlanjto/5800 mpx.zip

PS: i dont know if this volume crash thing its related with this file but when we replace our mpx.exe with nokia's 5800 mpx.exe the scroll is fixed except the crash!!!