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    Default Custom hacking/theme unstable with all symbian phones?

    Don't you people think that hacking your symbian phone is unstable

    I'm saying this, because i have a Nokia 5530 Xpressmusic, and i resetted the phone so much... i even know the code in my head now *#7370#...

    I think the normal firmware from nokia is already unstable & slow.

    i used hacks like the helloox & the hacks from NP, and yes, it works, fast, but just for a short time.. if you use the phone a lot, after a few days the whole freaking phone goes crazy!!!

    Also, battery life on the nokia 5530 is at a normal level not that good.. and i experienced, when i hacked it, the battery was even faster empty!!

    Same with the custom themes, i downloaded so many themes, and i tested them all out, and just every theme is slow & laags.

    Conclusion: After a lot of tweaking, themes, etc.. i decided to just use my phone, with the normal firmware, unhacked and with the default theme's. Okay, maybe you think 'dude that's so boring, it's not cool".. well i don't give a ****... it's better to have a normal phone, than a phone that's unstable like hell, for example; somebody calls me, everything freezes.. i don't say i have this problems always, but sometimes, same with music player & text messages..

    And last one: when i hacked it, my bluetooth connection with my mac & bluephoneelite was very unstable also.

    What do you think about this?

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    Default Re: Custom hacking/theme unstable with all symbian phones?

    Maybe you are just using the wrong, themes, hs, CFW?
    Many HS are slow, orange HS is not.
    Many themes are slow. "Just Black" is not.
    IMO most themes are slow with theme effects on.
    Also make sure sms and browsercache is stored on E.
    For background image optimize make the filesize as small as possible.
    Do not install a lot of apps on C.
    Use Ramblow or other ram manager.
    Also if you have a lot of systemfiles on e remove them.
    Restoring would put old systemfiles on C.


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