I have a Nokia 5800 NAM RM-428 currently running v40 uncracked. It is no fun that way . I wanted to change the theme effects and some more things...so I tried cooking my own firmware since the RM-356 CFW's will not work (I tried). I have successfully created many different CFW's and they all worked just fine, but one thing that is not working on all of the CFW's no matter what patches I used or how many of them I used; the Packet Data and EDGE do not work, only GPRS and 3.5G. Thats not completely true since I can get on the internet with third party apps, but not with the built-in browser or Ovi Store. I never saw the packet data arrows. I have tried many different combinations of patches and I have tried different RM-428 FW's all with the same issue. I used Nokia Software Editor and JAF get the job done. I installed an unmodified RM-428 v40 FW on the phone and everything works just fine. Does anyone have any idea or any experience with this problem?

The problem seems to lie in the Software Editor since flashing with JAF and an unmodified FW seemed to work perfectly. Does this make since to anyone? Did I miss a compatibility memo somewhere? Or is it just me, I see myself as pretty savvy, and I have followed all instructions and tips to the "T".

NAM users, what has the CFW experience been like for you?