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    Default Re: Application UID's

    Quote Originally Posted by CjWy
    that's wonderful job , but is it the all UIDs?
    Not all the UID's
    But objective is to get as many as possible.

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    Default Re: 182 Application UID's and counting

    Quote Originally Posted by exmonl
    Thanks man!
    Y-browser was in list already but i forgive you

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    Default Re: 182 Application UID's and counting

    461 Apps and UID's ..
    Add if helpful....

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    Default Re: 182 Application UID's and counting

    Quote Originally Posted by tojoleon
    461 Apps and UID's ..
    Add if helpful....
    thanks your the man +1

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    Default Re: 182 Application UID's and counting

    OVIStore UID doesn't work for changing icon (I opened OVIStore using siscontent and it shown the same UID)

    Who can help me change icon of OVIStore?

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    Default Re: 182 Application UID's and counting

    a list in which entrys can be added (found on a forum ... not my work... )

    hope this helps u a little bit :-D

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    Default Re: 182 Application UID's and counting

    great! just what i was looking for.. +1 to all contributors.

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    Default Re: 182 Application UID's and counting

    0x2001A94C - ovi contacts (thx to coccolino_dbro)

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    Default Re: 182 Application UID's and counting


    Site Down?

    Here a Exel list with all posted UIDs (incl. posts from "exmonl" and the list from "tojoleon")


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    Default Re: 182 Application UID's and counting

    Quote Originally Posted by jadus
    Hi, here is a list of any app uids...
    102832ee Z:\sys\bin\LanguageSelector.exe
    20004f86 MyNokia Z:\sys\bin\MyNokia.exe
    101f4673 Z:\sys\bin\Chat.exe
    10281c96 . Z:\sys\bin\SettingWizard2.exe
    2000854d Z:\sys\bin\catalogsenginepcclientlauncher.exe
    20007803 ! Z:\sys\bin\Ncd.exe
    20007b38 Z:\sys\bin\ngiinstaller.exe
    200044d5 Z:\sys\bin\ActiveSearch.exe
    20009b72 Z:\sys\bin\SearchSettingsApp.exe
    20000907 Z:\sys\bin\MobileSearch.exe
    10008d39 Z:\sys\bin\BrowserNG.exe
    10005903 Z:\sys\bin\Clockapp.exe
    101ff968 . Z:\sys\bin\Switch.exe
    10281ceb WLAN Z:\sys\bin\SnifferApHelper.exe
    10281caa WLAN Z:\sys\bin\Sniffer.exe
    10281f1a IptvProvisioningApp Z:\sys\bin\IptvProvisioningApp.exe
    102750e5 Z:\sys\bin\iptvliveui.exe
    102750e3 Z:\sys\bin\iptvmyvideosui.exe
    102750db Z:\sys\bin\iptvvodui.exe
    102750e2 Z:\sys\bin\iptvappui.exe
    1028190b Z:\sys\bin\npoda.exe
    10282969 cameselicenseapp Z:\sys\bin\cameselicenseapp.exe
    200071d8 SoDlSrv Z:\sys\bin\SoDlSrv.exe
    200009e0 . Z:\sys\bin\Pub.exe
    101ffaab - Z:\sys\bin\OnlinePrint.exe
    200002c1 Quickword Z:\sys\bin\Quickword.exe
    200002c2 Quicksheet Z:\sys\bin\Quicksheet.exe
    200002c3 Quickpoint Z:\sys\bin\Quickpoint.exe
    200002c0 Quickoffice Z:\sys\bin\QO_FileManager.exe
    101fd693 Flash- . Z:\sys\bin\SAFlash.exe
    10201afd 3D Z:\sys\bin\3DAudio.exe
    101ff976 Visual Radio Z:\sys\bin\VisualRadio.exe
    101e4f38 Calculator C:\270421816.fakeapp
    101f2b98 Tactic Toe C:\270478232.fakeapp
    1019b7f0 SnowboardHero C:\270120944.fakeapp
    10198aa0 XOXO C:\270109344.fakeapp
    101d58ed Need for Speed ProStreet C:\270358765.fakeapp
    10188672 YETISPORTS 5 C:\270042738.fakeapp
    101b28fb Prince of Persia Classic C:\270215419.fakeapp
    101ddf3e Calcuphone C:\270393150.fakeapp
    101a7d17 Allegro C:\270171415.fakeapp
    101b9896 Opera Mini C:\270243990.fakeapp
    101aafb3 BlueFTP (no Filesystem) E:\270184371.fakeapp
    101aafb2 BlueFTP (no Bluetooth) E:\270184370.fakeapp
    101cd270 #!RGBTester E:\270324336.fakeapp
    101d78f6 Avys E:\270366966.fakeapp
    101d45e0 MobileMaths_V17 E:\270353888.fakeapp
    101bcf21 MiniCommander E:\270257953.fakeapp
    101aafb1 BlueFTP (Full) E:\270184369.fakeapp
    101983e5 BT File Manager E:\270107621.fakeapp
    101a59ad Biorhythm E:\270162349.fakeapp
    101d34d9 ftp_bt E:\270349529.fakeapp
    10199cf1 Geometry E:\270114033.fakeapp
    1019856d Mathematics E:\270108013.fakeapp
    101dcd03 Society E:\270388483.fakeapp
    101ab461 biorhythm E:\270185569.fakeapp
    101c0558 picoSky E:\270271832.fakeapp
    101c3748 NotationConverter E:\270284616.fakeapp
    1019a5cd HelloMIDlet E:\270116301.fakeapp
    10188d88 GraphViewer E:\270044552.fakeapp
    1019dbd9 DROS E:\270130137.fakeapp
    101e2543 Main E:\270411075.fakeapp
    1019dcd2 World Flags E:\270130386.fakeapp
    200095e8 BestTorch C:\sys\bin\BestTorch.exe
    20007d84 Cute Keys C:\sys\bin\HotKeyMngr.exe
    fffffffff0239177 Remove_PAlbTN C:\sys\bin\Remove_PAlbTN_0xf0239177.exe
    11acc34 IDesigner C:\sys\bin\IDesigner_0×011acc34.exe
    2000fe64 FSCallerD C:\sys\bin\FSCallerD_0×2000FE64.exe
    2000fe63 FSCaller C:\sys\bin\FSCaller_0×2000FE63.exe
    ffffffffa0005163 EQFastLang C:\sys\bin\EQFastLang.exe
    ffffffffe4dd2dcb ROMPatcher C:\sys\bin\ROMPatcher.exe
    2001683d OpLogo Changer C:\sys\bin\OperatorLogo.exe
    ffffffffa0001c0b TimeBar C:\sys\bin\TimeBar.exe
    fffffffff433e91f SmartMathUpdate C:\sys\bin\SmartMathUpdate_0xf433e91f.exe
    ffffffffa0004641 DEd C:\sys\bin\DEdit.exe
    2001061d Advanced Device Locks Pro C:\sys\bin\AdvancedDeviceLocksPro0×2001061D.exe
    ffffffffa0000230 ActiveFile C:\sys\bin\ActiveFile.exe
    20004cb0 AlarmNotifier C:\sys\bin\AlarmNotifier.exe
    2000b12c Conversation C:\sys\bin\MsgCnvLauncher.exe
    20004ec1 Handy Calendar C:\sys\bin\HandyCalendar.exe
    22c128c0 Device status C:\sys\bin\Devicestatus.exe
    ffffffffeffdba31 AnimGui C:\sys\bin\AnimGui.exe
    ffffffffa43ce6de cCalc C:\sys\bin\cCalc.exe
    ffffffffa0005165 EQ ShutDown C:\sys\bin\EQShutDown.exe
    20004cb1 Handy Alarm Pro C:\sys\bin\HandyProAlarm.exe
    2001ae6b B.Menu C:\sys\bin\BMenuD_0×2001AE6B.exe
    2001ae6a B.Menu C:\sys\bin\BestMenu_0×2001AE6A.exe
    ffffffffa000b313 Resco Bubbles C:\sys\bin\Bubbles.exe
    2000b12b Multimedia C:\sys\bin\CustomMmsViewer.exe
    20001f63 Maps C:\sys\bin\smart2go.exe
    ffffffffa0008e00 MagicKey C:\sys\bin\MagicKey.exe
    2000ce79 Energy Profiler C:\sys\bin\juice.exe
    ffffffffa0005162 EQ Restart C:\sys\bin\EQRestart.exe
    20004ebb Handy Taskman C:\sys\bin\HandyTaskman.exe
    200042ba psdk_lmsrvapp C:\sys\bin\psdk_lmsrvapp.exe
    2001254d Best Calc C:\sys\bin\BestCalc_0×2001254D.exe
    ffffffffe0004d7f BT Switch C:\sys\bin\btswitch.exe
    ffffffffa0000bcd X-plore C:\sys\bin\X-plore.exe
    ffffffffa0002907 QIP C:\sys\bin\QIP.exe
    2001fac2 Mobile Agent E:\sys\bin\MobileAgent_0×2001FAC2.exe
    2000a586 TaskMan E:\sys\bin\BestTaskMan_0×2000A586.exe
    20004b2e Handy Keylock E:\sys\bin\HandyKeylock.exe
    200013a4 Handy Clock E:\sys\bin\HandyClock.exe
    20004aa2 Slides E:\sys\bin\Slides.exe
    20002ee2 . E:\sys\bin\Spreadsheet.exe
    20002ee4 OfficeSuite E:\sys\bin\DocsLauncher.exe
    ffffffffec5d77d7 FreeFSWP E:\sys\bin\FreeFSWPClient.exe
    2000f018 PanoMan E:\sys\bin\panoman3.exe
    ffffffffa0002ba8 UpCode1D E:\sys\bin\UpCodeDemo.exe
    ffffffffa00034bd FLVPlayer E:\sys\bin\VPlayer.exe
    10201d2a . . E:\sys\bin\btkeyboard.exe
    ffffffffe61cfed6 GPS Utilities E:\sys\bin\GPS Utilities.exe
    ffffffffa0000c64 BBirthday E:\sys\bin\BBirthday.exe
    2001deae E:\sys\bin\YandexSearchPlugin.exe
    ffffffffa0002648 PhotoFix E:\sys\bin\PhotoFix.exe
    ffffffffa0002650 PhotoCard E:\sys\bin\PhotoCard.exe
    20004664 PhotoArt E:\sys\bin\PhotoArt.exe
    20002ee3 Docs E:\sys\bin\MWord60.exe
    2000139f Handy Weather E:\sys\bin\HandyWeather.exe
    20010e3e Handy Tools E:\sys\bin\HandyTools.exe
    20013b87 Taskman lite E:\sys\bin\HandyTaskmanLite.exe
    20013b7b Handy Shell E:\sys\bin\HandyShell.exe
    2000cec6 Handy Calculator E:\sys\bin\HandyCalculator.exe
    2000015a Opera E:\sys\bin\Opera.exe
    20007891 MessageTones E:\sys\bin\MessageTones.exe
    ffffffffe73a9c2d EasySearch E:\sys\bin\EasySearch_e73a9c2d.exe
    20007d85 AfterCall E:\sys\bin\YourNumbers.exe
    2000efae Start Menu E:\sys\bin\SmartSettingsStartMenu0×2000EFAE.exe
    20001c3b  E:\sys\bin\SmartSettingsUi0×20001C3B.exe
    2001228e  E:\sys\bin\SmartSettings.exe
    ffffffffe845dc07 AppUidViewer E:\sys\bin\AppUidViewer.exe
    ffffffffa000264e Pocket Ogg E:\sys\bin\PocketOgg.exe
    ffffffffa0006e63 BeatEd E:\sys\bin\BeatEdGui.exe
    ffffffffa00007a6 Y-Browser E:\sys\bin\YuccaBrowser.exe
    fffffffff000a661 OggPlay E:\sys\bin\OggPlay.exe
    fffffffff02078a7 Solution E:\sys\bin\SolutionTLB.exe
    ffffffffa30033a3 GPFce E:\sys\bin\gpfce.exe
    2000a4b1 Handy Profiles E:\sys\bin\HandyProfiles.exe
    ffffffffa00045d4 SuperScreenshot E:\sys\bin\superscreenshot.exe
    ffffffffa000cef2 PowerMP3 E:\sys\bin\PowerMP3_0xA000CEF2.exe
    20019647 cClockView E:\sys\bin\cClockView.exe
    2000e09c cClock E:\sys\bin\cClock.exe
    2000737e Resco Photo Viewer E:\sys\bin\RescoViewer_2000737E.exe
    ffffffff80201ce0 Calcium E:\sys\bin\Calcium.exe
    ffffffffa000264f CameraFX E:\sys\bin\CameraFX.exe
    ffffffffa0000c91 SmartComGPS E:\sys\bin\SmartComGPS.exe
    ffffffffe9549533 FontRouterMan E:\sys\bin\FontRouterMan.exe
    101f8597 . Z:\sys\bin\ProvisioningCx.exe
    1020745a . Z:\sys\bin\audiomessage.exe
    101fd861 PTT Z:\sys\bin\PoC.exe
    10208ac2 - Z:\sys\bin\BarCodeReader.exe
    101fe41a Lifeblog Z:\sys\bin\Lifeblog.exe
    10208a0a . Z:\sys\bin\HomeConnect.exe
    102068e2 USB Z:\sys\bin\usbclasschangeui.exe
    101f8532 Z:\sys\bin\SchemeApp.exe
    10008d3c PushViewer Z:\sys\bin\PushViewer.exe
    102818e7 vcommandmanager Z:\sys\bin\vcommandmanager.exe
    100058f4 Startup Z:\sys\bin\Startup.exe
    100059b5 Autolock Z:\sys\bin\Autolock.exe
    100058f3 SysAp Z:\sys\bin\SysAp.exe
    101f8512 . . Z:\sys\bin\AppMngr.exe
    101f875a . Z:\sys\bin\SWInstSvrUI.exe
    100059d2 . . Z:\sys\bin\CertSaver.exe
    101f84d0 . . Z:\sys\bin\ConnectionMonitorUi.exe
    10281861 . Z:\sys\bin\locsettingsuiserver.exe
    101f85c7 Z:\sys\bin\DRMRightsManager.exe
    100058ec Z:\sys\bin\GSApp.exe
    10281ef2 aknnfysrv Z:\sys\bin\aknnfysrv.exe
    100056cf screensaver Z:\sys\bin\screensaver.exe
    10005a32 Z:\sys\bin\Psln.exe
    101f9515 lcdui Z:\sys\bin\lcdui.exe
    10005234 Z:\sys\bin\Cshelp.exe
    10005951 Bluetooth Z:\sys\bin\Btui.exe
    10282822 WidgetUI Z:\sys\bin\WidgetUi.exe
    10008d64 Z:\sys\bin\RoapApp.exe
    10008d3f Z:\sys\bin\DdViewer.exe
    10008d4a Z:\sys\bin\CodViewer.exe
    100058ca Z:\sys\bin\VoiceRecorder.exe
    101f8681 . Z:\sys\bin\videotelui.exe
    101f4ce0 SIM Z:\sys\bin\Satui.exe
    100058f5 Z:\sys\bin\vm.exe
    10005955 . Z:\sys\bin\Ussd.exe
    100058b3 Z:\sys\bin\Phone.exe
    101fd64c . Z:\sys\bin\Idle.exe
    101f4cd3 Z:\sys\bin\Cbsuiapp.exe
    1000599d Z:\sys\bin\NpdViewer.exe
    10005907 Z:\sys\bin\Notepad.exe
    10005901 Z:\sys\bin\Calendar.exe
    101f8839 Z:\sys\bin\MusicShopApp.exe
    10005a3f MediaSettings Z:\sys\bin\MediaSettings.exe
    10005a3e RealPlayer Z:\sys\bin\MediaPlayer.exe
    101f4ce5 Z:\sys\bin\BVA.exe
    100058c5 Z:\sys\bin\Mce.exe
    100058bd SMS Z:\sys\bin\SmsViewer.exe
    100058bc SMS Z:\sys\bin\SmsEditor.exe
    100058df MMS Z:\sys\bin\mmsviewer.exe
    100058de MMS Z:\sys\bin\mmseditor.exe
    101f86a0 NOT Z:\sys\bin\notviewer.exe
    101f4ce4 . Z:\sys\bin\MsgMailViewer.exe
    101f4cd6 . Z:\sys\bin\MsgMailEditor.exe
    101f85c1 LmkMsgViewer Z:\sys\bin\LmkMsgViewer.exe
    101f85a2 Z:\sys\bin\Landmarks.exe
    101f85a0 GPS Z:\sys\bin\Blid.exe
    10207fbd sscallrestrictionsapplication Z:\sys\bin\sscallrestrictionsapplication.exe
    101f4d90 Z:\sys\bin\ImageViewer.exe
    101f874a . Z:\sys\bin\SVGTViewerApp.exe
    101f4666 Z:\sys\bin\MMCApp.exe
    101f84eb . Z:\sys\bin\FileManager.exe
    101f4668 Z:\sys\bin\converter.exe
    10005902 Z:\sys\bin\Calcsoft.exe
    10005a22 Z:\sys\bin\About.exe
    100058f8 Z:\sys\bin\ProfileApp.exe
    101f6de5 . . Z:\sys\bin\NSmlDMSync.exe
    102072c4 Z:\sys\bin\fotaserver.exe
    101f8555 Z:\sys\bin\VCommand.exe
    101f4cd2 Z:\sys\bin\Menu2.exe
    101f6de4 . Z:\sys\bin\NSmlDSSync.exe
    1000590a . Z:\sys\bin\Speeddial.exe
    101f4cf6 . SIM Z:\sys\bin\Simdirectory.exe
    101f4cce Z:\sys\bin\Phonebook.exe
    101f4cd5 Z:\sys\bin\Logs.exe
    1000a7fc MsgUrlHandler Z:\sys\bin\MsgUrlHandler.exe
    1020e4f1 Anykey Z:\sys\bin\Anykey.exe
    ffffffffa000028f lmsrvapp Z:\sys\bin\lmsrvapp.exe
    1020e566 .- . Z:\sys\bin\EasyVoIP.exe
    10281d06 Z:\sys\bin\welcome.exe
    101ffb51 . . Z:\sys\bin\MusicStore.exe
    102072c3 . . Z:\sys\bin\mpx.exe
    10282bf6 Carousel Z:\sys\bin\Carousel.exe
    10207218 akncapserver Z:\sys\bin\akncapserver.exe
    10208a4a UpnpNotifAppServer Z:\sys\bin\UpnpNotifAppServer.exe
    200009df Z:\sys\bin\VedSimpleCutVideo.exe
    101ffa91 ImageEditor Z:\sys\bin\ImageEditor.exe
    101ffa84 Z:\sys\bin\ImagePrintApp.exe
    101f8599 Z:\sys\bin\MediaGallery2.exe
    101ffa86 Z:\sys\bin\CamMojave.exe
    2000023d Zip manager Z:\sys\bin\ZipManager.exe
    101f9585 . Z:\sys\bin\swis.exe
    20001bb9 Adobe Reader Z:\sys\bin\AdobeReader.exe
    10204375 CfmwLauncher Z:\sys\bin\CfmwLauncher.exe

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