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liliantungary: could u plz pm me the guide as well... i would like 2 add in japanese n chinese language in cfw... btw is it possible 2 add in 2 language at the same time... if not japanese is juz fine...

terima kasih in advance ^^...
For Chinese, try extracting it from the HK Variant 5800 firmware: it contains both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. There is also a Korean firmware from KTF, but only up to firmware version 10.4.16.

I think in order to install Japanese language to the 5800, you need to find a 5800 firmware with Japanese language in it. I'm not entirely sure, but I think the 5800 was never released in Japan (I think Nokia withdrew from the Japanese Market a while back due to poor sales), and there are no 5800 Japanese Firmware.

It might be possible to find another 5800 firmware with Japanese in it, but I have yet to find any at the moment.

I did read somewhere that the Hong Kong variant 5800 firmware supports Japanese (for reading) but that is most likely just due to it's Font set. The HK variant 5800 firmware itself, however, doesn't support input for Japanese.

If you find a 5800 firmware that has Japanese in it, please post the product code and firmware version, as I am looking for it myself.