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    Default FP2 homescreen (like 5630, C5) on old symbian devices

    Did any one got any trick to customize the homescreen of previous s60v3 FP2 phones with contacts bar such as on 5630xm,5800xm etc. ?

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    Default Re: FP2 homescreen (like 5630, C5) on old symbian devices

    I don't think that's going to work, because s60v3 isn't a touchscreen OS.
    Yes, it's likely that s60v5 is based on s60v3, that would explain the horrible non-touchscreeney-at-all controls of v5, but the homescreens are indeed, and if the only, UI elements designed for a touchscreen only.
    S40v3a had a nice "Active standby" homescreen, actually it beats the s60v5 Shortcuts bar homescreen in terms of features and allowed amount of icons. Check if your phone doesn't have such an option as well. (I had to do some digging around in the setting menus on my old and awesome 6233.)

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    Default Re: FP2 homescreen (like 5630, C5) on old symbian devices

    @ksbja, the contacts bar is now available on newer s60 3rd fp2 devices, its not exclusive to 5th edition devices. Some back-porting will be require (e.g. the attempt to bring the contact HS to the 5800 when it was first released on the 5530) but I think it will be difficult and possibly futile.


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