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    Default Re: 5800 - Problem installing apps with memory card

    Guys I just had this problem again for the 2nd time. Thank goodness I found this old thread. Anyway this issue is quite common with the given 8gb SDHC card by Nokia as I have many friends with the same problem.

    For me once I got stuck and couldn't install anymore apps, I tried what others suggested here.. which is to add in more files so it hits beyond the 1gb remaining mark and then it works fine now.. there is a bug in the card. I might just go to the Nokia Centre and ask for a replacement or maybe just buy a new class 6 Sandisk SDHC

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    Default Re: 5800 - Problem installing apps with memory card

    rather than getting nokia cards in replacement better go for sandisk cards

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    Default Re: 5800 - Problem installing apps with memory card

    I experienced the same problem after firmware update to version 31.0.008 thus I thought it was firmware problem.

    -can't install any application (symbian, java, widget) - nothing
    -it was not possible to install from memory card, from PC (application installer), from OVI store
    -no error messages
    -installation exited just before you have to select where you want to install it
    -phone was working without any issues and also installed applications (installed on memory card - that what was left after hard reset)

    I reinstalled firmware 2 times, did several hard resets, spend whole day trying to find solution.

    After reading this post I deleted circa 500 MB from my memory card and I was able install apps again :-)

    Default file manager showed 1005 MB free space before deletion on memory card and it was original memory card supplied with the phone.


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    Default Re: 5800 - Problem installing apps with memory card

    Yes I had this problem today as well. The last week my 5800's file manager showed the memory card's memory in MB instead of GB; it was 1007.5MB. I could not install any app and could not move or copy files around in the 'file manager'. I read this post and did the following: deleted about 500MB of videos I could do without, then everything installed and could be moved/copied fine again. You could get away with deleting less, just when there is around 1GB of memory left on the card it starts acting strange. I also deleted 305 text and picture messages that were stored on the memory card earlier today.

    I had tried reinstalling the firmware, wiping the phone's memory with the same memory card and that didn't work.
    (fyi - to do a master wipe: turn on phone then press and hold GREEN + RED + CAMERA buttons until you see the boy and the man holding hands)

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    Default Re: 5800 - Problem installing apps with memory card

    Thank yar .....i was so upset about this issue...thanks for giving me a solution....u r great!

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