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    Default How to Toataly remove the ovi maps and reinstall ?

    i tryed to update my maps with the newest program of ovi maps and pc suit.

    after the installation there is an eror.

    i thoght that if i will remove the maps icon on my device and do reinstall it will works.

    when i removed the ovi maps i tryed to reinstall with the program nokia maps updater.

    the program not install the maps =\

    How can i totaly remove the ovi maps from my device and install from the begining ?

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    Default Re: problem with ovi maps 3 | help

    I am only newbie myself, (gotts get that disclaimer in there)

    Trying out the various map applications, i discovered some of the basics of how the noki maps program works.

    the original maps themselves are stored as cached tiles on the external flash memory card aka E:memory card thing.
    in a folder called E:Cities/diskcache, and databased by .cdt files.
    this pile of files, and respective database was the "Maps" , which is like other maping systems, like gmaps, Mgmaps and mapnav.
    there are reports of this pile of stuff, AND the flash card itself becomming corrupt, then the map software cannot access the files, probably mostly an issue with a corrupt database or singular corrupt files.
    the phone has been "pre loaded" with maps into this large cache.

    so if your looking for "maps" they are there, and they are not the "program" and should not be deleted with the program, if you were going to update the program.

    then other junk i read, the Latest OVI maps program is rather large on the C: drive , which is limited in space, and it takes about 8megs. and doesnt work so great, but as usual might be due to other user issues, disk space, and performance due to available space and cpu.

    ok so much for the Original, now you UPDATE to 3

    ""The Maps Updater program downloaded and installed the new Ovi Maps on my Nokia N95 8GB, deleted the old maps data, and then even downloaded the new version of maps data for countries which were in the phone before the installation.""
    the new OVI map-3 version , uses different maps. just like any mapping system that begins to utalise a different file structure, the parts of the original file structure that are incompatable are useless, so via the brilliance of some computer making descisions for you, they will be automagically replaced by the new "Map" items.

    the map files are huge, even if they were vector based maps they would not ever fit in the ram or the C:drive thing, and it is very unlikly that removing JUST the program would remove the maps, especially when its just a "cache" set. so it is likly you will still find the maps in the E: drive.

    Originally it was using a "cache" system, storing what you previously viewed, as Downloaded from the web, so what you were seeing was web downloads that are cached permanentally on the external flash drive. (this being a good thing) , those previously downloaded maps, would not work with the "new and improved" map program.

    and that is all i got, might not be helpfull, but there it is.
    see also


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