Nokia 5800 comes with music starts to sell in Sweden now. the phones costs 5500kr (688$) with 1 year free music compared to the Nokia 5800 without the music service that costs 500$

the idea is good but to pay 188$ for the "comes with music" service is a very high price!. Heres an google auto translated version of the article from

To subscribe to the Nokia music service Comes with music must be purchased Nokia 5800 and then in addition the phone also free downloads from the Nokia music store. The service itself, Comes with music is a subscription which goes one years and after that period you get to keep all tracks Monday had time to download.

The songs are copy protected so you can only use the songs in your mobile and PC, not upload songs in any other music player.
- If you change the computer that's fine too, it can be done once every three months. When Nokia N85 released with Comes with music, it can be using the FM transmitter to send music to your car stereo or home music system, "says ┼sa cArild, head of Nokia Music Store in the Nordic countries.

If you have previously used the Nokia Music Store is aware of that you pay per song or album and when you buy a Comes With Music will be the difference to price slabs disappear and all the store's 4.5 million songs will be free to download.
- There may be a little shock-like and difficult to know where to start, "says ┼sa cArild and laughing. So she sees it as an important task at present to guide and top tips from the artists themselves selected their favorites.

When the Phone House today starts selling Nokia's touch screen mobile 5800 music package do you do it without subscription. The price is 5599 SEK, compared to the same phone without the music package, which costs 4049 kronor. It pays, therefore, in 1550 SEK extra for the privilege of downloading music for a year.

You can download the music from both the PC and from mobile phone, but the cell phone may be recalled that it is the operators charge for data traffic.

Three is the first operator to sell phones with Comes with music, but there is not yet ready with the pricing. The thinking, however, include free data subscription to customers will be able to download music via the phone without getting too high costs.
- It is unfortunate if the customer is offered free music and then receive an invoice for downloads, so we include the cost data, "says Per Schilin, which is the new head of products and services in three.

He sees Nokia's effort as one of the music and says that Three will continue to offer its own service 3Musik so customers can choose what they want. Three will begin selling in 5800 with Comes With Music in the near future, but has yet no date or pricing clear.

From record companies side has great hopes on the Nokia Comes With Music. Mark Dennis is digital manager at Sony Music and see opportunities for lesser-known artists.
- Hunt pirates are sometimes the argument that file sharing gives the listener the opportunity to sample listen to new artists and this is indeed the same opportunities, but in a legal manner, "he says.
He also believes that Nokia's service could mean a comeback for the album.
When you pay for digital music per song, so many are buying just the big hits, but as the songs are free for downloading