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    Default Videos not working on 5800XM !!??

    I have been using 5800XM from the day it launched in India. Till two weeks back everything was fine. Now I can't play the videos on 5800. even the Pre-installed videos are not working. when i try to play it shows no error messages, but shows blank screen. When I touch the screen it shows the controls and the progress bar is showing that video is playing. again no video is coming on the screen.
    Anybody have such experience ? Please Help.

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    Default Re: Videos not working on 5800XM !!??

    it's a firmware issue buddy, try re-installing the firmware using NSU, be sure to backup all your data, use content copier in the OVI suite.......

    one of my friend lives in India, he asked me for help some time ago, and i told to try the same......


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