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Thread: Apps in general

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    Default Apps in general

    Hi guys!

    I wanna ask you about your 5800 and the current apps.

    I love my 5800, but I still think, there are only few apps for this mobile... Im not very a fan of iPhones, but the iPhone has tons of apps. Not all apps are useful, but there are cool and funny apps, too.

    I like apps like snaptu, slick and the torch, but the iPhone (goddamn it) has for example a facebook-app, that kicks ass! the facebook-app/site in the 5800 is crap! I dont even see everythin I wanna see, I dont even get new messages about comments about pix/links/... also some official apps from Nokia are laggy and unuseful.

    I know, the iPhone is quiet a longer time on the market, but the Nokia has more potential I think

    what do you think about the apps? do you think, there will come some cool and useful apps in the future?


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    Default Re: Apps in general

    i agree with u, nothing can beat the apps on the iphone. the S60v5 OS is very new and thats why there arnt that many apps yet, it was the same thing with s60v3 when it was new, and look at it now, there are to many app to even start to count them

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    Default Re: Apps in general

    topic moved to s60v5 forum

    spplication section is only for posting apps ....

    btw the thing i love on iphone is playing games ...nothing is like it


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