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    Default do you want to share your internet connection with your 5800xm?

    before i start, i gotta specify that i use windows vista, it could be done on xp im sure but i dont have th os infront of me to guide you thru it.
    first open start, look for connect to and click on it, thna window pops up look for set up a connection or a newtork, then choose the option that says set up a wireless ad hoc computer to computer. follow the instructions, when u get to the part where u give the network a name give it any name u want, choose any security type other than wpa-2 personal and then click next, you will have the option of sharing your internet connection,click on it and there you go just open the wireless manager fro ur fone and look for the connection u created and connect.

    i hope this is beneficial to you all.

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    Default Re: do you want to share your internet connection with your 5800xm?

    Moved to guides.


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