It's kinda tough to find this through searching and I figure you guys know a lot more about the "guts" of s60v3 / s60v5 than me right now.

So here it goes:
I have a java midlet I used on a s40 device which managed a little database. The database is stored in the .rms files which are in the same folder with the midlet. When transferring the midlet along with the .rms files on another s40 device, it would "see" the database and open it.
Now, the question is: how can I (or is it possible to) "force" the midlet to use the same data on a s60v5 device (nokia 5230) because I really don't want to enter all the data by hand again?

I am quite a rookie with symbian but catching up fast. At first, I really didn't expect it to install the jar applications in the same way it does with .sis apps. I thought it would just run them directly, similar to what s40 did. But that doesn't seem to be the case..

Thanks in advance.