Another unofficial firmware for the Samsung i8910 HD has been leaked by the "hacking" community. You can find the changelog and download url after the break...

<span style="font-weight: normal;">Changelog/releasenote:</span><ul>[*]This time Camere saves really images and videos in DATE and[*]wlan power back to normal (you can change it if you want in settings)[*]Threaded sms still there, sorry mates, but the icon can´t be removed by “hand” so i removed the original icon[*]pocket data back to normal, (to much delay)[*]kastor effects, the same, but removed “OPTIONS” effect, it had to much delay and the symbian icon was buggy[*]Added wow effect to 3D-taskswitcher NEW[*]After pnht(.org) autoinstallation finished you have the tsunami homescreen with some shortcuts added[*]widget-homescreen gadget.swf NOW on e:\ ! You can change/mod yourself and can add live wallpaper without enable c2z ! thanks goes to liliantungary for his widget-mod ![*]new jpeg-encoder from i8510 figured out by Lukas_ita, Colmar85 and all the staff of[*]musicplayer only search on e:\music f:\music (it was buggy before)[/list]<ul>[*]New battery-managment: Battery-life will increase for about 20 % ones you flashed this firmware, it will remain forever, even if you flash to a different firmware. (this mod will work on about 90 % of all phones) (tip by XotusBlack, idea by me and written by panagiotis)[*]new HX-patcher-APP by panagiotis ! Icon*can be modded as it´s on e:\hxpatcher.mif )
First page:
[*]MAIN: FORCE 600 Mhz (on/off)2nd page:[*]PRE Autofocus on video (ON/OFF) for for autofocus a video BEFORE recording, or shut OFF if you want to e.g. take a slow-mo-video[*]PF Fixfocus for taking a photo, (ON/OFF) Want to take a QUICK photo without autofocus an object.[*]NOISE SUPRESSION: OFF is always recommended if you are e.g. in public and want to record music…...[*]Microphone sensitivity: from 0 -24 DB ….. put it on 0, if you are in very very loud conditions like disco,..... 6 DB is for live music/live band, all the other depence what you prefer. 3rd page:[*]left/right swipe: Which programm do you want to start when you swipe your finger on the homescreen (3d-nav must be enabled)[*]Kinetic-scrolling: Shut off kinetic-scrolling COMPLETELY ![*]3d-Navigation: ON/OFF turn on 3d-nav for homescreen, (RESTART IS RECOMMENDED AFTER ENABLE 3D-nav)[/list]<ul>[*]3D-Taskmanager ON/OFF4th page:[*]Set your own kinetic-scrolling values ! some values are knowing, but some not, it´s in YOUR hand.[/list]
The new firmware HX7 aka "Black Pearl" can be downloaded from here<blockquote>You can discuss this firmware release over at our Samsung i8910 HD firmware thread</blockquote>[Via]
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