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    Default N97 Mini - What can I afford to uninstall/not install

    I have a N97 Mini and it was playing up. I've done a hard reset and then flashed using Phoenix and PNHT's cracked firmware.

    I now have ROMPatcher+ and installed the 2 necessary patches (Open4All etc).

    Now, I'm just wondering what's the best way to tune up my N97 Mini before I begin installing stuff. I plan on installing SPB Mobile Shell.

    Is there anything I can uninstall, no need to install or anything that's necessary to leave on the phone? Any way I can uninstall Qik, Joikuspot, Vlingo etc without flashing with a customised firmware? Software update is currently telling me to install:

    Here and Now 2.0
    Nokia Messagin 10.2
    Ovi Contacts 1.50
    Ovi Maps - with free navigation
    Ovi Music 11.4
    Scribble powered by Python
    Time zone update 1.0

    Do I need to install these? Are there better alternatives?

    What are the essentials to leave on there to have it running smoothly? I plan to use is for texting, phoning, sat nav (Ovi Maps), emailing (Nokia Messenger), web browsing (Opera) and as a media player (Nokia Media Players). The apps I've used in the past are the ones in brackets, and are ones I'll keep using unless there's improved suggestions. Though, I am awaiting iMelo's music/media player to use that.

    What is everyone's preferred/sugested tinkerings, specific to the N97 Mini ideally?

    Sorry if any of the above has already been asked in parts, but it's hard to follow threads when questions are specific to other users and replies tend to go off on a tangent sometimes.

    Cheers all.

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    Default Re: N97 Mini - What can I afford to uninstall/not install

    Here and Now 2.0 - umm useless service
    Nokia Messagin 10.2 - if you use nokia email service leave it..
    Ovi Contacts 1.50 - why the hell stupid thing
    Ovi Maps - with free navigation - for better navi xperience if u use nokia maps
    Ovi Music 11.4 - are you serious abt BUYING music?
    Scribble powered by Python - don't know the stuff but except this u will need python runtime
    Time zone update 1.0 - i think it shud be fixed already by newest fw.. some timezones uodate


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