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    Default An email ive just sent to Nokia, just wanted to know what you think.

    Ive just sent an email to nokia about what i think they need to do in order to upgrade their whole user experience:

    "Hello Ovi team!

    Ive been using most of your ovi services (sync, contacts, mail, store, maps) online
    aswell on my pc (ovi suite) and i have an idea for upgrading the total user experience from Ovi.
    Im thinking that maybe you could merge all of your services into one pc app?
    meaning I could go and buy music from ovi music store from my Ovi Suite application, buying and downloading applications through my ovi suite directly to my phone,
    connect my store account on mobile to my ovi suite account + all of the ovi services,
    upgrading my phones firmware through the ovi suite is possible than why is there another app for upgrading? and why not merge the straight to the ovi suite?

    Since your ovi suite application is a way of syncing my mobile to my pc how about making it syncable with all of your ovi services?
    from creating a map guide on my pc (with ovi suite maps section) and then sending it to my mobile, or maybe buying an app or a music album and then download it directly to my mobile - without the need to use my mobile when it is connected to my pc.

    Another upgrade is to perhaps make an ovi services mobile app that will link every service straight to the mobile site? without having to go to meaning:
    i open an application called ovi services,
    I need to sync up my contacts so ill go to Ovi contacts tab, then make a few adjustments to what i need press Go and the app will launch the sync app inside the phone.

    I think this would double the user experience by a million if the basic user wont have to enter to the site and then login there upload a file and all of that messy process, instead it would just have to install the ovi suite and bam he could do all of that and use much more of ovi services right from his computer, and when he will need to go away from his pc he knows that he has a mobile app to continue from wherever he stopped.

    Another tip I wanted to say is that you should share more with the useron how an app is developing, since im using the Nokia Messeging for social networks I want to know what will you be adding in the next version? what do you think about the advices that the users say on the forum? perhaps a centered blog post about it would help (posting once or twice a month?)
    I think that most of the users will happy to get an official app for Facebook and Twitter that could do exactly what the mobile web of those social networks can do plus syncing it with their mobile (a great example is the option for syncing events straight to my Calender).

    I hope this advices will help you to understand that the hardcore community isnt happy with your products since most of them are suffering from great UI lag (Nokia Messging for IM and for social networks) and it looks like they are in their alpha stages since it feels that it is hell to make it work properly.

    Zohar Elbaz.

    p.s im sorry if my english is hard to understand if you need any clarification email me back.
    Hope to see a responce from you guys."

    what do you think about what ive offered?
    will they respond to me?
    i will update this thread if they answer.

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    Default Re: An email ive just sent to Nokia, just wanted to know what you think.

    This will be important for them in the sense that it is a user feedback. And Nokia gives importance to feedbacks....

    And ya sure, they'll definitely give response to you...

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    Default Re: An email ive just sent to Nokia, just wanted to know what you think.

    I dont know..from what ive seen in their forums it seems like most of their comments for this kinds of stuff is "thank you for your advice"

    what do you think about what ive offered them?


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