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    Default Re: What Charge 'n Sync cable are U using?

    uhm. since when did the nokia 5800 support usb charging?

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    Default Re: What Charge 'n Sync cable are U using?

    I hope Nokia will solve the PC usb charging problem. To me it is, a problem.
    Like last night. My 5800 was hanging on the PC. Forgetting to put the power plug in. Switch the PC off. It probely already had drained the battery by then.
    Because the next morning. I got it of the PC, try to turn it on, but it wouldn't. EMPTY.

    Now I use a spare battery which I charge at night on a stand-alone DX charger. So I had a fully loaded battery left, though. It's a drag not being able to charge via PC USB.So you don't have to think about it anymore.

    Some say it charges via PC. Even Nokia does.Most say it won't.And it doesn't.

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