I'll start simply. Here is a perfect theme New Black. Download at bottom

I would ask a capable graphics if you would be able to edit this theme. And it this way. Here is a preview of how I imagined it to look

I just wanted to change the current icon theme to these icons

Download the full quality 600x600 pixel resolution icons are here. There aren't all the icons which you see on PREVIEW image. So if you could just use the icons from this PREVIEW image. Download Android 2.0 icons at bottom

I want to change just the most basic applications such as Messaging, Contacts, Web, Gallery, Music Player etc. And I asked the size of 85x85 icons. Or 90x90 but that's the maximum. Rather it last. I want change ALL icons which are on preview image =)

Assume that someone, please? I would be very grateful to him.