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    Default Problems with DOSBox

    Hey guys, I just finished installing DOSBox on my Nokia 5800 and I have 2 problems.
    First, I installed all the dependencies, and then I installed Symbian DOSBox 0.73. Then I installed Xelasarg's virtual keyboard for DOSbox and it functions pretty well, I have 2 problems though.

    1. When I try to run SkyRoads (the only game I tried so far), the DOSBox prints the message "This program requires at least a 286 microprocessor" and quits the game (just to mention, it works perfectly with a standard DOSBox on a computer). Does anyone have an idea about how to fix that problem?
    2. When I press on the Keypad (not the keyboard, the keypad) icon on Xelasarg's keyboard, the keys addition completely crashes, leaving me with the DOSBox only. I really want this keypad for games like Skyroads, how can I solve this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Problems with DOSBox

    Default Re: Problems with DOSBox

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