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    Default Impossible to change background in SPB 3.5

    Hi, I am using the new SPB but have a problem where I cannot set my background as an image file. It works fine with images from the 'local gallery' and online catalog, but when I go to select a picture file, it opens the gallery and when I tap on the photo I want, it does nothing. It doesn't freeze, I can still scroll and tap on other pictures etc, along with minimise it, but its as if its not registering that I'm tapping on it, despite the border being highlighted and vibrating.

    Any ideas guys?

    I've tried reinstalling 3 times btw, both signed and unsigned (Im using a hacked N97 Mini)


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    Default Re: Impossible to change background in SPB 3.5

    try emailing the support. works fine for me.

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    Default Re: Impossible to change background in SPB 3.5

    Can confirm it works fine here on two different 5800's.


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