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    Default Nokia 5530 Boot Screen Change (Easy Way)

    Hi Guys I Found out how to change nokia 5530 boot screen

    1.get Y Browser and install it on your phone
    2.Get some boot screen u have the ones that are made for 5800 on this forum just search for them or download mine =)
    3.when you download boot screen put it to root of your mem card Y Browser and go to mem card it's usually E: and search for ur folder then in one of the folders u'll see 4 files copy them to C: boot
    5.Go back to mem card and go to other folder that has a text file in it and copy it to Private/10202be9 folder and overwrite it
    6.exit the program and reset your phone and voila u have new boot screen

    P.S. i tested the method and it works perfectly so don't worry u can't f*ck ur phone when u do it come back here and comment was it good. bye.

    The Few numbers are missing cuz of font not cuz of boot screen.

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    Default Re: Nokia 5530 Boot Screen Change (Easy Way)

    its not working on mine...


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