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What are the risks in hacking my nokia 5800 with the hellox hacking thingy?
Please search before posting!

Read this thread and also the below quote:
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What are advantages?
1. Applications developed by members are not signed then the high need for the hack to install it (without certificate errors), to test it
2. You also get access to the phones operating system files, you can change alter or modify files in c:/ (mod, unlock features...)
3. You can use rompatcher to modify files in rom (most of the files in z/ are used in rom) by which u can apply patches (disable red LED light, remove voice recording tone, change theme effects, change startup shutdown screen and animations... anything if you have knowledge to find proper file and modify with hex then apply patch)

With Helloox there is no risk, rompatcher and patches are on memory card so you can remove it if something happens and delete. Hacking changes OS files not hardware, so solution is easy if something happens, hard reset or reflash firmware. You can brick n95 8Gb easily but 5800 not possible because, memory card is removable and hackers when testing all hacks always trying to to make modifications that work from memory card.