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    Default Nokia N97 - MINI Problems!

    Hello, Guys sorry if this dosnt belong here, but its the n97 forum and this was the closest i could find to my n97 mini.

    So here it goes,

    I've got the new N97Mini From P4U (Phones 4 You), On contract, I had the vivaz it kept breaking they offered me this phone as a sub, but heres the 1$ Dollar question,

    Is there anyways of me breaking this phone? without physical Force?, So to stop applications from working? but still being installed on the phone? or any other way i can take the phone back, cause ive had it replaced 3 times, and they will offer me a new phone if i get a reason to take it back.

    Some of you may think this is cheap, but this isnt the phone i wanted in the first place. So any help would be so GREATFULL!



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    Nokia N97 - MINI Problems!

    Default Re: Nokia N97 - MINI Question.

    The vivaz kept breaking ? What do you mean by this ?

    And if you made a contract where you could choose the phone and they can't provide you one, then talk to them and made them release you from that contract. Then go and make a contract with any other mobile operator. And I think if you put in this terms to them, they will get you a new vivaz for you...

    Another question if the vivaz kept breaking, do you really want another one ?

    And I don't think going and break the N97 Mini is a good solution... :P

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    Default Re: Nokia N97 - MINI Question.

    I got the contract out about 4 weeks ago? like as soon as the vivaz come out. And by breaking i mean.

    It would flash between menu and home screen on its own, like every twenty seconds, Couldn't use the touch screen, as nothing would be selected from anything i press, it would circle the item just wouldn't load it, and i went through 3 models of that phone before they swapped it for this n97 mini, and now I'm having problems with this phone, i.e it turning it's self off and deleting all the data.

    like today. it did a factory reset on its own? and the Phones 4 you, said and i quote "we cant do anything about it, in less we see it our self, only a few people can do a factory reset so sorry bye.", Which is fair enough. but i ain't gonna sit in a phone store for up to 8 hours for a phone to break, That's why I'm trying to see if there is any quick way of getting around it, by like editing a bit of code. so a application wont load. or something.,

    I don't want another vivaz, I'm trying to get a hole new phone together, something that i know is reliable, and functions rather well.

    Thanks Jimmy.


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