hi there, noobs here...

i've got nokia 5800 since 14 month ago and still using it
but recently i got some bugging issues with my beloved 5800
if you all noticed, when we got a call in from another phone our phone will be ringing for 40-45 seconds till it shut and came +1 misscall notification at our screen

but since i used FW 40.0.005 and cooked by myself, my phone can only rings for 30 seconds
another phone who used my CFW still can rings for 40-45 seconds
i guess its not an FW failure, because i've already flashing back with another original FW 40.0.005 (for APAC, EURO and NAVI PC) the problem still the same

i used a lot combination ringtone file for tested, no matter how long the file i used for ringtone it always shut at 30 seconds
but when i used that file for my sms sound, it rings untill the end

i even now upgraded it to FW 50.0.005 but still my phone can only ring for 30 seconds before it shut
30 seconds its to short for me, it always shut before i can pick up the call

i've suspect something in my 5800 hardware had to be broken or something
so in this opportunity i would ask some help or advise about my problem
does anyone had the same problem with me?
or if some one knew about my problem, which part in my 5800 that broken? what should i do?

i'm from indonesia, sorry for my bad english