I'm having trouble with my N97 min v10.0.20 firmware. I don't think any firmware update has been released by the carrier in my country.
Anyway, every so often all of the keys except the red button just stop working. I might be trying to answer a text message, and the "reply" button works but then I can't enter anything from either the touch or fold out keyboard. Sometimes I can red-key out, close Messages from the homepage, restart Messages and then it's OK. Other times not.
Today I tried to enter a phone number, but when I tried to save it the touch failed again and I lost it. Very annoying. Again, only the red key worked and when I tried to reopen Calls the program was greyed out and no keys worked. A full restart was required.
Anyone else see this on v10.0.20? My phone isn't hacked or anything and works fine 99% of the time. I can sometimes even feel the feedback even though nothing at all is registering with the phone.
Thanks for any ideas.