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    Default URGENT!!Nokia 5800 screen issue!

    help guys!!a couple of days ago,i began to realize that there were moving vertical lines across the screen.the lines are most visible when my light sensor(intensity) settings is set at only came to my attention when i hard resetted my phone 2 days ago and the intensity settings was reverted to its default 75%(i've kept it customized at 25% until 2 days ago).the moving vertical lines are less visible in darker backgrounds and at a lower light intensity.i was just wondering-is this normal??has anyone been experiencing this?is there a fix to this?!

    p/s:this issue is different compared to the previous 'slider+screen lines' issue. the moving lines on my screen is constantly present.locking and unlocking the phone bears no effect whatsoever on the lines.

    advice needed!!Thanks!

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    Default Re: URGENT!!Nokia 5800 screen issue!

    looks like a defective screen. tryo to bring it to Nokia Care as soon as possible.

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    Default Re: URGENT!!Nokia 5800 screen issue!

    Same thing happened with me too... When u reduce the intensity u can actually see the lines moving. Increase the intensity and it will fine... I also asked one of my neighbour who works with a service centre of Nokia and he said its normal.

    Tips which he gave me:
    Always keep away from magnetic field viz TV, Computer, Laptop, Refrigerator etc... If u don't then display problem will arise one fine day!


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