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    Default Problem in opening applications on 5800XM

    I have hacked red 5800XM with V40 FW. Recently I down loaded some applications from OVI store. After this I am not able to open any applications. When I go to Menu and touch applications, I get a message " Memory Full. Close applications and try again". I have closed all applications and phone memory is 20MB (Earlier even with 12MB, I could easily open applications). I removed battery, memory card and replaced. Rebooted and tried again. Same problem as stated above. I tried to delete applications thru' Application Manager. Applications are not shown in 'Installed applications' screen. I tried to delete some applications thru' PC using Application Installer (PC Suite). I get message "Application can not be deleted". I would not like to hard reset the phone. Any one can help me how to overcome from this.

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    Default Re: Problem in opening applications on 5800XM

    Try this one.
    Open in PC.
    C:\private\101f8857\cache\E --> delete all .dat file
    C:\private\101ffca9 --> delete all file


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