Hi folks,

The Nintendo emulators from Vampent (vBoy, vNes, vBagX) have been very popular on Symbian for years now, but it can be a bit tricky to set them up on the Nokia N97 and other 5th Edition devices with hardware QWERTY keyboards. There are a number of roundabout ways to do this, some of which I believe have been explained in various threads here, but Iíve tried to simplify the process. Iíve written a guide on how to get flawless Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo and Super Nintendo emulation on the N97 et cetera. You can play all the classic 8-bit games! It works just as well as one could think, actually. Iím really glad Nokia put a D-pad on the N97 Hereís a video of the emulators in action:


And hereís the step-by-step guide (really easy):

Nintendo Emulation on Symbian & the Nokia N97

Hope you enjoy it, thanks!