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    Default v40 5800 call answer

    hi guys recently my phone is not able to use the slide feature to answer calls or unlock the phone I have to do it from the slide unlock from the side. i can slide unlock it then lock it again and then it will work but not from the phone call.

    also when i take the phone away from my ear the screen does not come on again i have to slide it to unlock then the screen comes on

    any ideas


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    Default Re: v40 5800 call answer

    Try soft resetting your phone, if your phone has this function working fine before and suddenly become not working, there's some file interfering the function.

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    Default Re: v40 5800 call answer

    check if there's anything interfering with the proximity sensor... sometimes a mere tape can disturb the sensor. if u r using a protective case, the case also could interfere with the sensor sometimes.


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