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    Default Re: i don't know whether buy the satio or not

    Not only is Satio the companys first attempt at the touch screen smart phone market it also delivers
    everthing that was missing in iphones attempt at a better iphone and it does it with class, style and
    is a great concept phone, unfortunately the first release firmware was not ready and had bugs
    issues but the new firmware has sorted most of the problems out and it is truly a great phone

    design advantages over the iphone are;

    1.....more pleasing mobile shape due to widescreen design and much brighter, clearer display and more dpi than iphone.
    2.....great for playing movies like having a mini sony widescreen tv in your pocket!
    3.....amazing camera and movie maker.
    4.....multi-media hot buttons make using the phone a breeze.
    5.....very attactive case design and overall feel in hand.
    6.....can run many touchscreen java apps and games designed for nokia 5800.

    negatives for phone are:

    1.....The firmware needs attention as realplayer has issues and the phone somtimes rings silent but these issues will be resolved soon
    2.....lack of software as again phone is so new but this will be again resolved soon and there is the back catologue of nokia 5800 java that will work well

    i have a satio and i am very pleased with the phone as its jewel of a phone and se new range of phones will make a turn around for the company that has suffered from making to many outdated non touch candybar phones.

    if your looking for another great phone take a look at the samsung jet, truly more powerful, faster and pleasing than any iphone and
    a warning to iphone that by no means do they have the touch phone market to themselves, only by proxy at the moment, but people learn fast and
    dont always follow the pack when a new stronger leader emerges.

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    Default Re: i don't know whether buy the satio or not

    Quote Originally Posted by garyoptica
    Not only is Satio the companys first attempt at the touch screen smart phone market
    Think you are forgetting about P800, P900 and P990 which all was possible to run without keyboards. Those where also Symbian, but used UIQ.

    From what I know the Satio is painfully slow (cos of their addition to the S60) and got lots of annoying things going like beepings all the time (that can only be disabled by disabeling all beeps). It's also clearly unstable.

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