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    Default Gathered resources for the symbian language.

    Hello, i found it quite hard to find some resources to start programing for symbian. Here are a few links to get you started.

    -First you need to download the ADT (Application Development Toolkit) from HERE. (You may need to register, its free and simple)

    * It has the tools needed for application development, including the IDE, Compiler, Debugger, and analysis. *

    * It is a really simple install, just accept all of the user agreements once you have read them (if you read them lol), its a very easy process. *

    -Then download the SDK (Software Development Kit) from HERE.

    *This is a bit more difficult to install, because it has dependencies. You need to download and install Activeperl from HERE.*

    *Get the Java-Runtime from HERE, there is no need to sign up, just click skip.

    *This takes a bit to install, and for some reason it seemed like it was halted, but then it continued. *

    *Click yes to install toolchain*

    * I got everything installed in order, but had one problem, it would not find the sdk. If it does not find the sdk, click window, then preferences. On the left side, click carbide.c++, then click sdk preferences. From this menu, click add sdk, then go to the folder you installed your sdk in, and click the folder. Once you see "s60v5" in the window, click rescan sdk's, and it should add it.

    Now run Carbide, and set your workspace (where you want to store your projects, it must be on same drive as the SDK). After that you are ready to make your own apps. =]=]

    HERE is another tutorial that i followed.

    thanks and i hope to see an activity increase in the number of developers. =]

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    Default Re: Gathered resources for the symbian language.

    Topic moved from S60V5 Applications to S60V5 forum.


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