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    Default Fixing Image Errors in the Nokia 5800 Gallery and a Question

    Hello guys.. (sir moderator, please delete this if this topic has been posted already, i tried searching before posting but i couldn't find one)

    I have experienced these problems several times:

    1. The gallery corrupts and the thumbnails do not display the pictures they represent. In this case, what you can see as a thumbnail is the default icon of an unsupported image but if open it you can see the original picture.
    2. Image files in jpeg are converted into .txt so you cannot open the image because it opens as a notepad.

    As to why these happened I couldn't understand but I have found out that transferring your images to another folder and deleting PalBTN folder will solve the problem. You may have to transfer your images back after deleting the said folder. The PalBTN folder contains the thumbnails, it's present in every folder in "Images".

    Now to my question, does anyone know why these happened so I/we can prevent it in the future? Especially for problem number 2, very weird. Thanks very much.. your thoughts are greatly appreciated..

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    Default Re: Fixing Image Errors in the Nokia 5800 Gallery and a Question

    the phone itself creates placeholder files(PalBTN) which most are just small thumbnails or "address" just like how MAC creates an invisible file per file for the real time 'searching' functionality. When you move around files using 3rd party app like X-plore or by Mass storage, the files will move around the memory card without the phone creating a new placeholder file because it didnt handle the moving part. One way to fix this is refresh the gallery. Try creating a new or edit a image in your gallery and save it. By default the phone saves the image on your gallery, thus refreshing the files that the gallery reads which are the placeholder files or just one file that all placeholders are being managed. A clear example of this is when you try to catalog and move images inside your "galery" to different folders the original files in your emmory card will still be on the same spot as to where you saved them wether its in 'images folder' or E:\

    this is just my opinion and my idea of how symbian works.


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