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    Default X6 "Very poor sunlight legibility " ?

    According to GsmArena the X6 has "Very poor sunlight legibility ".But phone arena says the oposite.Could anyone down there vere the sun stands in zenith do a comparesion with 5800,or at least tell me if it is usebly in direct sun.Another question I have is if its easeer to use qwerty,compered with 5800.Wich I find dificult no and then(pressing wrong key).But with resitive screen I could use a pencil.Looking forward to an answer from some kind equtorial user.

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    Default Re: X6 "Very poor sunlight legibility " ?

    my 5530 is impossible to use on direct sunlight unless you put your backlight brightness to max.

    I also read that the x6 has the worst sunlight legibility, or maybe just at par with the 5530?

    as for the touch screen, capacitive has its pros and cons. If you want responsiveness vs accuray go with capacitive. otherwise stick to phones that uses a stylus


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