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    Default How to make phone read only files from Images and Videos

    Hi all,
    is there a way to make the phone read only from the Images and Videos folders instead of the whole E drive? 'cause when I open Photo app I see a lot of other pictures like the ones from the transitions, pictures from my Garmin folder etc. very annoying because now I have like 2000 something pictures when I should only have like 350 or so.

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    Default Re: How to make phone read only files from Images and Videos

    One option is to make a new folder in the Photo gallery and move the photos you need there.
    Another option is to try another photo browser, like
    Nokia Photo browser (,7969.0.html) or Resco Photo Viewer (,15195.0.html).

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    Default Re: How to make phone read only files from Images and Videos

    1. Install X-plore,Open it and mark the photos you want to make read only or hidden.
    2. Select options and click attributes.
    3. Check the first two boxes in the dialog box.
    4. Click ok.
    5. Now try going to the gallery and check wether those photos are there,if not then done.
    Hope it helped........


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