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    Default N97 streaming/controlling music with Ford Fiesta

    Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place or some othe slip up on my part!

    I've connected my N97 to a Ford Fiesta via bluetooth and connection works fine. I was hoping to access and control my music using the car controls and stream via the BT connection but it seems not to be possible. According to an assessment by Ford on an N97 mini (i'm assuming it will be the same for standard N97) the:

    • Music player settings repeat, shuffle and scan are not supported via Bluetooth.

      The display of media info is not supported by phone.

      The music player of the phone needs to be started manually before Bluetooth audio streaming can be used.

    This is obviously a bit of a let down. Is this something that could potentially be fixed by a firmware update or is it some hardware or physical limitation?

    There are phones that can have their music controlled by the Fiesta so it can be done.

    Anyone else experience this?

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    Default Re: N97 streaming/controlling music with Ford Fiesta

    I'm connecting 5800XM via Parrot BT connection in the car.
    Everything goes automatically. As soon as I enter the car and start it, the phone gets connected to the car. Now all the audio from the phone is transmitted via the car speakers. I can make calls or play music on the phone, and the audio gets transferred through BT to the car's speakers.

    I think the problem is the BT implementation in Fiesta, rather than the phones...


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