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    Default Re: nokia 5800 phone memory

    I got this info
    Device Serial number
    Total memory:120.4MB
    Free memory:46.0MB
    CPU speed:192MHz

    I think that 120.4Mb is RAM size

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    Default Re: nokia 5800 phone memory

    yes 120 mb is ram size ...
    the internal memory is around 80 mb and ram is 128 mb

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    Default Re: nokia 5800 phone memory

    use Tsunami Full Modded 4.8.signed.sisx as your home screen and restart your phone you will get 55mb free plus i use Youlu address book it eats 5mb + agenda saver it eats 200kb so i am left with 49.800 mb free with great looks. use original theme with no effects and font size small.

    After some times use Netqin Mobile Guard 3 it shows the memory leakages which no other memory management softwares shows like if you have closed the ovi maps after usage their services are eating the ram but not shown by any task manager, same is the case with camera and some other softwares. so close all and you will get back to 49 mb free.

    I m loving my 5800 it has every thing and very cheap price in comparison. I use the following softwares:
    1. Dayhand input by Muvers Iphone style (very easy and handy compare to 5800 keypad)
    2. Agenda saver (to show all the upcoming events while the phone is locked)
    3. Orange Tsunami Home scree 4.8 fully mod (the best homescreen for me both memory usage and looks wise) if spb shell eats less ram i ll go with it but it eats a hell of ram.
    4. Youlu addressbook (great way to manage your contacts, can search both by name or number, also shows msgs as conversation)
    5. Netqin Mobile Guard (for data management upload/downlaod limit, call filter, file manager, and task manager)

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